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The Arizona Repeal Coalition is an organization committed iqoption to repealing over 60 anti-immigrant laws and bills that have been passed or considered by Arizona politicians in the past few years. We demand the repeal of all laws—federal, state, and local—that degrade and discriminate against undocumented individuals and that deny U.S. citizens their lawful rights. Learn more.

Latest Updates

Arizona - Fascinating World

The capital of Arizona state - Phoenix - is located in the hot and arid Sonoran desert. However, this city is ready to surprise you with the diversity of flora and fauna, formed here not only thanks to 2 rainy seasons a year, but also to the authorities' special attention to the development and "greening" of the city. By the way, the 2 largest cities in Tucson and Yuma are also located in Sonoran desert.

Nativism and Fascism

I didn’t go to the pro-SB 1070 rally on the lawn of the Arizona capitol this weekend, even though I was in Phoenix. (I live in Flagstaff, about two hours north.) It was a rare beautiful day in June and the grandparents had the kids, so we went to dinner and a movie instead.

Pledge of Noncompliance with SB 1070

  • Because this law and others like it will inevitably discriminate against people because of their race;
  • Because this law violates my freedom to associate with whomever I please;
  • Because this law will break up families;
  • Because this law is detrimental to the Arizona economy;
  • Because this law will harm good people and their loved ones;

Miracles, Democracy, and the Fight Against SB 1070

One by one we go around the room. We state our name and why we are here at this meeting, seeking the repeal of SB 1070 and other anti-immigrant laws. “I want to keep my family together.” “I believe in human dignity.” “I’m afraid my family will be broken up.” “I believe in freedom for all people.” “I want a resolution to this problem.” “I want a new world.”

History of the Repeal Coalition

Began in Flagstaff in November, 2007 with the developing of the resolution.


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